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Amarcord by Federico Fellini, 1973

Amarcord is a neologism Fellini contrived from, which comes closest to the Emiliano-Romagnolo dialect phrase mi ricordo (I remember). Fellini, a great liar, denied this origin, claiming instead that it was a mysterious, cabalistic word, linked to invention rather than memory. 

Amarcord by Federico Fellini, 1973

Amarcord embodies this equivocation between memory and invention, between a world represented (remembered) and a world created (imagined). 

Amarcord, Fellini, 1973

Amarcord is not memory — or if it is, it is a false memory – not fragments of what once was but fragments of what is imagined to have been…”

Sam Rohdie, from his essay on Fellini’s AMARCORD –

Federico Of The Spirits, 2011

Amarcord, the boat of dreams. Federico Fellini, 1973


Federico Fellini, 1973

Cinematography: Guiseppe Rotunno

Fellini’s AMARCORD, 1973


Lust Re-Rememberd by Fellini in AMARCORD, 1973

“You begin to shoot an action, and suddenly you are taken with the shimmering of light on a crystal of glass”

Federico Fellini, 1972

“…Such processes, essentially irrational, unconscious, almost impossible to plan (the vagaries of light, a sudden glimmer of recognition), were for Fellini (impressed by Jungian psychology and  its notion of archetypes) signs of creativity and artistry. They were the I, the Me, of Fellini…”

Sam Rhodie, Federico Of The Spirits, 2011

Federico Fellini’s 1973 cinematic master piece is now available completely restored to its original glory on Blu-Ray and DVD by Criterion.