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Book of Love | Love Bubble

Book of Love | Love Bubble

Hey, Club Kidz!

It’s 3am, the lights are bursting, my heart is racing, everyone is moving so slow and fast at once and I love everybody!

“Hunny Hunny” is blasting through my skull like fucked-up brain candy.

Who needs that fucking water?!?!?

These platform shoes don’t hurt anymore! 

What’s my phone number?!?!? Move! 

Fuck Off and dance!

Glitter! Glitter! Thump! Thump! Fuck you, Man – – How did YOU get in here?!!? 

We all fall down.

Wait! Dude!?!?

It can’t be stopped. He pulls me and we roll through vomit and piss. Is he kissing me now?!? 

Dance! Just Dance! 

And, now, dancing down some alley.

…dancing to some odd adventure at a grocery store.

Disco groceries?!?!?

The glitter trails behind us as we stumble-dance our way around the aisles. 

Is that noise real or is it in my head?

Is that your hand? 

Can you turn down the lights here?

Thump! Thump!

Tripping out onto the street…

Well, this is just a brief memory from a somewhat forgotten and misspent  youth. 

Matty Stanfield | NYC | 1993


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