Art Opinions


Claire Denis/2009

Isabelle Huppert, Christophe Lambert and Nicolas Duvauchell

Isabelle searing the screen with strength against all logic in Claire Denis’ quietly powerful WHITE MATERIAL

Destined to go down as one of the best films of the early 21st Century. I think it just takes time for great art to be understood and viewed from the correct perspective. 

The threat of death is ignored for the struggle for what is perceived as hers… Isabelle Huppert in WHITE MATERIAL

As the white woman holds on to the bus filled with hostile Africans, she is determined to claim her rights as a fellow native. …Lost and out of place, but refusing to let go.  She simply cannot fathom that “her” country is no longer – nor has it ever really been – hers.

Nicolas Duvauchelle as the lost son in WHITE MATERIAL

…or that of her family. 



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