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My beloved iPod…

Look it, I know I’m one of those “Aging Hipsters” — I own it. And, I’m not ashamed. Most of my friends who are my age seem to scratch their heads when it comes to my taste in movies, art and music. Tho, a few of them still enjoy the music we all ran to back in the day (the 90’s)

Also, aside from my love of Barbra Streisand — I don’t easily fit into the whole “Gay Community Ideology” or “gay stereotype” — I don’t even like referring to myself as “gay” – this seems to limiting a label that is associated with so many things that I would rather not be associated. 

I’m not at all ashamed of being “gay” and I’ve never been one of those “soft boys” — if someone tries to give me some homophobic shit – I address it. I don’t back down. I stand my ground. …hey, that sounds like a song.

Anyway, so I’m a middle aged queer hipster. I make no apologies. 

Sadly, I’ve lost focus on what I was going to write. Most likely this is due to the fact that I’m getting old! Dammit!

A fun read from Jennifer Blowdryer

The thing is that I can tell I’m “old school” because I clutch my iPhone/iPod as if it were my child. I love music. And, if I get music I do pay for it. I usually download from iTunes. Corporate bullshit, I know. But, I don’t like to just take an artist’s music without having paid. 

Look it — a lot of these people work hard. They deserve more than their labels share with them, but I don’t want to feel like I’m ripping any artist I enjoy off. 

Greedy and Rather Annoying Aging Hipsters: Metallica

Unless we are speaking of Metallica who are so uncool on this issue that I wouldn’t think twice about downloading their shit for free. However, this aging hipsters haven’t recorded a song I’ve liked since the early 90’s. So, that is a mute point.

So, iPods do this shuffle thing based on similarities to your music library and songs that are also liked by others who like one song to the next. In other words, Apple tracks what people download and connects the dots from one song/artist to another. I’m sure they are also gathering information to ultimately own my soul. However, my soul is mine. Good luck to any poor person or entity who thinks it can be had. 

I do not often “shuffle” — as I like to hear what I want to hear when I want to hear it. But, today I was killing time and I was listening to:

Hank3 – “Don’t Ya Wanna”

Hank3 Ghost To A Ghost

from his Ghost To A Ghost album, which is fucking brilliant, by the way. 

I selected “Genius Shuffle” and it came up with an awesome mix! I mean, Apple has me figured out –

Shelton Hank Williams, III — who is now on his way to becoming a cool aging hipster of a sort…

so here are the first 8 tracks of The Hank3 Shuffle:

Hank3/Don’t Ya Wanna

Tom Waits/God’s Away on Business

Tom Waits Blood Money album. Awesome by any measure…

Alice In Chains/Again

Led Zeppelin/The Rover

Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti

Marlena Shaw/California Soul

Marlena Shaw: Out of Different Bags — Not sure how this ended up on the shuffle but it totally works.

New York Dolls/Personality Crisis

New York Dolls – Oh, don’t we all harbor a secret crush on Johnny Thunders?

Alice Cooper/I’m 18

Yes, kids – Alice Cooper used to be cool. Love It To Death.

Black Sabbath/Evil Woman

Before drugs, booze and dove heads wore out Ozzy – Black Sabbath was really great…

Fucking awesome mix of 25 songs.

(the 9th/10th/11th songs were “Hellbilly” by H3 and “Slip Kid” by The Who and “Too Drunk To Fuck” by The Dead Kennedys)

The Who: By The Numbers: Before Pete Townsend was deaf and Roger Daltrey was busy running a fish farm. Oh, and Keith Moon and John were still alive…

Anyway, this is a rather rambling post of little import other than Apple has gotten fairly clever with marketing by utilization of their Genius information gathering from users’ music libraries.  

Aging Hipsters: Unite!

Hank3: Hillbilly Joker

Do not go quietly into the night. No, my friends. Rock. Rock the fuck out, baby…

Matty Stanfield




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