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Miranda & Malkavitch, December 2006 Photographed by Dietmar Busse

I have admired the photography of Dietmar Busse for some time now. I think I first saw one of his images in 2007.  I love his portraits of other artists. There is something quietly magical and subversive at play. The use of layering images is something done quite frequently, but the way Dietmar applies it to the work is much more interesting compared to what I’ve grown accustomed. So, no words. Just some of his images.

You can explore his work for yourself on his website:

Clark in the Woods, 2006 Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Ladyfag and the cows of my village, Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Julien Mathieu, Photographed by Dietmar Busse

Rossy de Palma, Photographed by Dietmar Busse

Miss Fabiola Goldenbloned upside down, Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Mac Fokes with Landscape, Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Francois Chaignaud: Dancer, Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Epiphany: Drag Queen, Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Jonsi: Musician/Artist Photographed by Dietmar Busse

Iggy Berlin, 2007 Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Casey Spooner Photographed by Dietmar Busse

Rose Wood, 2010 Photograph by Dietmar Busse

Lynn Yaeger, Fashion Writer/Editor Photographed by Dietmar Busse

The images of Dietmar Busse linger in my mind later. They are rather haunting. I love the work…

Matty Stanfield

July, 2012


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